Californians: Why You Need Flood Insurance Now

Flood Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Protect your home and belongings from being damaged in a flood!

While California is known as the golden state, when it comes to rain, northern California can suffer from flash floods, hurricanes, and storm surges. Along side this, there can be external flooding, failed city drainage systems, and simply that the neighbor above you forgot to turn off the water.

Before the fall and winter seasons come into full effect, be sure to get flood insurance on your home. You cannot buy flood insurance and have it active on the same day. Once you buy a policy it is usually 30 days before it kicks in, but it can be upwards of two months for the policy to begin coverage as the government needs to approve the given quote. Therefore, when you see predictions of rain coming within the next couple of weeks, you may be too late to purchase flood insurance and receive protection on your home.

With flood insurance covering the natural disasters, failed drainage systems, and if a water main breaks outside of your house, you can feel rest assured that if an incident was to occur, that your home and belongings would be protected. Flood damage can be heartbreaking and extremely difficult, not to mention expensive, to repair or recover.

Get your flood insurance from Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill. We provide Californian’s with the correct coverage and protection to suit their needs and budget. Talk to one of our trusted agents today!