Get Help So You Can Obtain Insurance Through Covered California

The Affordable Care Act and health insurance reform has left many people confused. They don’t know whether they qualify for tax credits, or if they will get better insurance options versus the insurance they may have now.

If you live in California, you may only believe that you can get insurance through the federal website. In actuality, California has developed its own state-run health insurance marketplace called Covered California. Over 13 health insurance providers have listed insurance plans there that they are offering to individuals, families and employees throughout California.

You may have looked over the websites and walked away completely confused on where to begin with the enrollment process. As open enrollment ends on March 31st, don’t become confused about your insurance options or limit yourself to only the insurance on Covered CA. Contact an insurance agent to get personalized advice about your health insurance options based on your circumstances so you get the coverage you desire at the price you can afford.

For more information about getting health insurance in the Pleasant Hill area, please contact Lou Aggetta Insurance to get a quote today at 925-945-6161.