How to Give Back During the Holidays

Spread holiday cheer by helping those in need this season.

The holidays tend to bring out the best in people when it comes to lending their time, money, or assistance to charitable causes. When the festivities roll around and as you’re shopping for gifts, think about making a difference to those in need. Check out just a handful of ways to give back this season – the goodwill and cheer you spread could have a positive effect in more ways than one!

Bake treats for local public service men and women.

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, get out your bakeware and show off your baking skills. Whip up some peppermint bark or holiday cookies to hand out to your local firefighters, police officers, teachers, and mailpersons. The public service men and women work hard in communities and don’t get a chance to stop over the holidays. Let them know how much you appreciate their dedication by dropping off delicious treats!

Visit a nursing home.

Despite their communal living situation, residents of senior living facilities can struggle with loneliness and isolation. Call your local nursing home and see if it’s possible to take the family around to volunteer. Whether you pass the time playing chess with the elderly or listen to their life experiences, you’re sure to make their day!

Volunteer your time.

Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are always in need of a helping hand. When the cold and bad weather hits, they can sometimes become overwhelmed with the increased demand for space and food. Check with your local housing department to see if your area could use an extra pair of hands!

Donate to a pet shelter or animal sanctuary.

Volunteering and donating to an animal shelter is a compassionate act, regardless of the season, but finding homes for their furry residents brings a special kind of holiday cheer. Help out your local shelter by volunteering to walk the dogs, socialize the cats, and donate food and blankets. Animal sanctuaries are often in desperate need of donations and volunteers.

Let us know, how are you giving back to your local community? For all of your insurance needs in Pleasant Hill and surrounding cities in California, visit Lou Aggetta Insurance Services today.