Graduation Ceremony Tips for Parents (and Other Guests)

Graduation ceremonies are long, but it’s all worth it to hear the name of your child or spouse or partner or friend and see them receive their diploma. 

After many years of hard work, the soon- to- be- graduate will receive their diploma and graduate from the institution (be it a high school or university, or some other institution in which a graduation is necessary). If you will be attending a graduation ceremony soon, here are a few ideas to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Arrive Early – Give yourself time to find parking and seating. Remember that there may be multiple ceremonies in that one venue for graduation. Traffic may be congested all day, so take this into account before you plan your departure time. Checking with Google Maps is encouraged.

Be Comfortable – There are some schools with a low student population and others with a seemingly infinite student population. Know how many students will attend this graduation and dress accordingly.

Don’t Forget the Tickets (and Other Essentials) – Don’t forget the tickets! It may seem obvious but always triple check that you have the tickets. Other optional gifts include things like flowers or balloons, but these may be distracting to other parents so it’s best to leave them in the car or at home. Oh! And pack some tissues, you may need them.

Be Respectful – Each student only has a few seconds of fame, and while hearing their name over the speaker system may be exciting, try not to yell or holler, as the name of the next student may be muffled under your screams.

We hope that whomever your support at graduation, that your experience is made better with these tips.  Visit Lou Aggetta Insurance Services for all of your insurance needs in Pleasant Hill and neighboring cities in California today.