Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween can be great fun for the whole family. At the same time, it poses its share of risks that shouldn’t’t be ignored. By following these Halloween safety tips, you can enjoy the holiday with your kids while reducing the risk of danger or harm.


  • Buy costumes with bright, reflective colors that are easily seen in the dark. It will help you keep better track of your kids and increase visibility for traffic on the road.
  • Make sure costumes are comfortable and fit well so kids can walk and run without tripping and falling. Masks shouldn’t hinder their vision as it could cause an accident.
  • Shoes should also be appropriate for the terrain.

Trick or Treat Rules and Tips

  • Younger children should always be accompanied by their parents or a responsible adult.
  • If going out after dark, make sure your kids have flashlights with good batteries.
  • Map out your route in advance, choosing neighborhoods you are well familiar with and trust.
  • Older children unaccompanied by parents should go with a group of their friends and stay together at all times.
  • Children should only approach houses with lights and never accept an invitation to go inside.

By putting safety first this October, your kids will enjoy a happier Halloween season. For more information about Halloween safety in the Bay area, contact us at Lou Aggetta Insurance.