Your Healthcare Options as a College Graduate

Your Healthcare Options as a College GraduateGraduating college is a major accomplishment, but sometimes the adult world hits us like a brick wall instead of that soft transition we were hoped for.

It’s safe to say that when compared to other developed countries of the world, the U.S. is far behind regarding healthcare. The Affordable Care Act is a step in the right direction, but because it’s so new many people are still left asking what they have to do to avoid the tax penalty. Among the groups asking are Millennials and recent college graduates, who have been thrust into adulthood with a new healthcare law that was enacted when they were too young to “care” about politics. So, as a recent college graduate, what are your healthcare options?

  1. Stay On Your Parents’ Policy
    Without a doubt, the easiest option for you is to simply do nothing. If you are already included in your parents’ healthcare plan, under the Affordable Care Act, you can retain coverage until you reach the age of 26. So you have (an average of) 4 years to determine what you’re going to do once you turn 26.
  2. Buy Your Own Insurance
    There are instances where being on your parents’ healthcare plan won’t work out. That means you’ll have to purchase your very own policy. If you’re just starting out as a college grad and aren’t making much money, you may be eligible for savings which could make your premium less than your cellphone bill!

Recent graduates need to be ready to hit the adult world before it hits and overwhelms them. When health protection is needed most, a quality health insurance policy can do the trick. For more information about enjoying a safe and insured holiday, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California today.