Heat Stroke Prevention This Summer

Heat Stroke Prevention Tips

Avoiding Heat Illness During The Warmer Months

We have already seen the weather heat up in Northern California. This bodes well for your plans to head to the lake or lounge by the pool, but if you plan to be spending long periods of time outside you should be aware that you face the risk of heat-related illnesses and even death.

The demographics who are at the greatest risk for heat illnesses are children, older adults, and construction workers. Those in houses with limited or lack of air conditioning, in cars, and on construction sites face increased danger due to intense heat over the summer. In fact, a car sitting in an outside temperature of 80 degrees can reach 123 degrees F in as little time as an hour!

The best things you can do if you do find yourself facing a heat wave is to keep your body hydrated (that means drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, alcohol, and sugary drinks), seeking shade and air conditioning whenever possible, and wearing lightweight, loose fitting clothes to shade your body from the sun. If you are sunburnt, this becomes increasingly important because sunburnt skin has a more difficult time releasing excess heat.

Hundreds of people have died in recent years due to preventable heat-related illnesses. Please make sure you look for signs of heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses this summer. If your kids are playing outdoors, make sure they take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water. By getting people out of the sun and giving them the chance to cool down, you could save a life!

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