Heater & Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

Heater & Fireplace Maintenance and Safety Tips

With the winter weather hovering above our heads, you may be tempted to turn on the heater or  fire up the wood stove/gas log. Make sure to follow these safety tips.

With winter starting only a few weeks ago, you still have time to make some safety fix-ups to your heating system before the cold really hits. Most people use heaters, but there are those who use chimneys to warm their house in more cost-effective (and more stylish) ways. Efficiency and safety are critical when it comes to heating appliances, make sure that yours is ready to go this winter.

Heater Tips

  • Filter – Your filter needs to be changed before you activate the heat for the winter. Your filter works by sifting through the dust and other debris–removing it from the air supply and giving you clean air. As the filter gets old, there is simply too much debris and more power is required to sift this material out. A clean filter helps efficiency return to normal.
  • Insulation – Make sure your attic, window and door frames are properly insulated to keep all the heat inside of your house.

Chimney Tips

  • Chimney Sweep –Soot and creosote are byproducts of burning organic material, and it builds up along the chimney vent, which could send smoke back down into your house. Chimneys are also a perfect nesting location for birds and small animals.  Blockages can cause a Carbon Monoxide situation which is deadly.  Hire a chimney sweep to inspect and clean out your chimney properly.
  • Metal Gate – If you’ve ever been around a fire, you know that embers sometimes jump out (occasionally aiming directly at our feet). Cover the fire with a metal gate to keep all those rogue embers inside of the fireplace, and little ones and their toys out. Fires and burns are always a hazard around open flames.

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