Here’s a way you might be able to save $ on vacation

If you’re going on vacation, you’re probably looking for ways to have a great time while still keeping your costs down. That can allow you to travel for a longer period of time, or just simply not spend as much so you can have money saved up for other things. Overall, it’s important to watch your finances and have a cushion of money, just in case of an emergency. One way to save a lot of money on your vacation is by not paying insurance on a rental car.

Most people own cars, and they have valid insurance. You can transfer your auto insurance policy over to your rental car while you’re on vacation, and then transfer it back when you get home. That keeps you from paying insurance on two cars, and rental car companies can really charge some high rates for insurance. By talking to any agent and finding out how to transfer the policy to ensure that you’re covered, you’ll have peace of mind and some extra savings.

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