Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers

Being tagged as a high-risk driver comes with a lot of insurance concerns. If you are a high-risk driver, you can expect your auto-insurance to be higher. This may pose a financial burden to you.

What is a high-risk driver?

High-risk drivers have lower odds of finding car insurance companies willing to insure them. Why is it difficult to find insurance once you have been labeled a high-risk driver? Being a high-risk driver means the insurance company would incur a higher risk of financial expense when dealing with you. This is unprofitable for most insurance companies, so they tend to turn away high-risk drivers.

How did you get to be categorized as a high-risk driver?

Drivers who are under the age of twenty-five and drivers who are DUI offenders are two examples of high-risk drivers. Drivers less than twenty-five years of age tend to be reckless and inexperienced with driving. This puts them at risk of taking frequent damages on themselves and their cars. DUI offenders or drivers with multiple speeding tickets are indicative of their reckless and tactless approach to driving. Both categories of people have higher odds of frequently being in accidents or being victims of damaging other people’s cars or properties. This explains why insurance companies avoid insuring these types of drives. It may become extremely unprofitable for the insurance company to help high-risk drivers.

What other conditions put you in a high-risk car insurance position?

Being young with a bad record of driving in your few years of driving signifies a risky investment for auto insurance companies. Fast and expensive cars also increase your odds of being flagged as a high-risk driver. The faster the car, the higher the odds of an accident. Besides, some cars are too expensive. Also, if you have had three or more moving violations, three or more physical damage accidents, or any accident causing a large injury claim, you are considered a high risk driver. Therefore, it is a risky investment for auto insurance companies to insure you. High Risk insurance is available, but not always with your current insurer. There are always insurers that will insure you, but that will insure you at above-average rates for your car or age group.

High-risk drivers need to find companies that can offer the most affordable rates at their high-risk status. The high-risk driver can also increase his odds of finding more affordable auto insurance by attending driving school. Proving through recent driving history that you have become more responsible would also significantly impact your insurance application.

Other than alcohol and drug driving infractions, tickets and accidents will fall off your driving record three years from the occurrence or conviction date. Alcoholic and Drug infractions will stay on your record for 10 years even if the SR-22 is no longer required.

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