Holiday Party Essentials: Liquor Liability Insurance

Is your business throwing a holiday party? Make sure you’re covered.

 If you’re looking to celebrate the festive season with your team, you should take steps to protect your employees and business. Holiday parties are a great opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments, show appreciation towards your staff, and enjoy the festivities. However, supplying your employees and guests with alcohol at holiday events comes with unique business risks that you should consider.

Prevent liquor liability lawsuits

There are some effective and easy steps your business can take to ensure that everyone remains safe while having fun at the holiday party:

  • Have trained bartenders serve your guests. They will know the signs of inebriation and have skills on how to handle drunk patrons.
  • Hire a shuttle or offer transportation reimbursements so that your guests aren’t tempted to drive home drunk.
  • Limit common alcohol-related injuries, such as slipping and falling.
  • Carry liquor liability insurance.

Liquor liability insurance

Liquor liability insurance is likely included as part of your general liability insurance that your business holds. It helps to protect your business and employees if a guest causes damage or gets injured as a result of the alcohol you provide. If you’re not sure whether you have this coverage, be sure to get in contact with your agent before the holiday party.

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