How to Make Your Home Look Inhabited While You’re on Vacation

How to Make Your Home Look Inhabited While You’re on VacationYour home is going to look mighty empty while you’re on vacation, and burglars will take notice.

Who is there to watch your house while you’re on vacation? Very few homeowners have their neighbors on their most-trusted list, which makes leaving town somewhat less nerve-rattling as they can easily report any suspecting activities going on in your house while you’re away. For most Americans, however, this isn’t the case. Every day that you’re out of your house is another day in which burglars can spot your home and determine that you aren’t home; this is when they sneak into your home.

Unlike Kevin McCallister from “Home Alone”, you don’t need to hang buckets of paint and freeze your staircase to protect it from burglars (at least, you don’t have to take those precautions). Here are a few ways in which you can stage your home to make it look busy while you’re on vacation.

  • Ask a neighbor to pick up your mail or newspaper while you are away. A growing pile of mail is a giveaway that someone is out of town.
  • Set your lights to a timer, and have certain lights at the front of your house turn on in the evening. This will give the appearance of someone being home.
  • Leave a car in your driveway while you are away so that it isn’t vacant. Consider renting a car, getting a ride to the airport or hiring a taxi to make this possible.

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