Is Your Home Insurance Ready for Halloween?

Don’t let the night turn into a nightmare with these Halloween home mishaps!

Halloween is a night for costumes, spooky thrills, trick-or-treating, candy, and fun! On the flip side, it also can pose a big threat to those who are not cautious in their Halloween holiday preparations. Every homeowner will want to avoid Halloween home mishaps.

Fortunately, you can take precautions before the trick-or-treaters come knocking! Whether you are going all out this year by dressing your yard as a haunted house, or simply handing out candy to your neighborhood’s youngsters, a quick safety check will ensure a happy night of haunting!

  • Start at Home: Keep your little and large trick-or-treaters in check by reminding them not to run, but to walk and stick to well-lit pathways.
  • Light It Up: Opt for LED tea lights or strings of lights instead of using real candles. That includes for indoor jack-o-lanterns, too! Don’t forget the steps up to your house.
  • Clear the Way: Ensure that the pathway to your home is kept clear of any wires, and don’t let any tombstones, fake cobwebs, or monsters obstruct the path.
  • Confine Pets: For some dogs, the excitement of new people and smells constantly at the door can be too much to handle. Contrastingly, some pets may get so scared of the frequent visitors that they dart right out of the front door. To prevent either of these scenarios, keep the animals in a separate room while the trick-or-treaters are visiting.
  • Review Home Insurance Coverage. Your property could face insurance claims and lawsuits, should safety go awry on Halloween night. Evaluate if your liability coverage is sufficient, and if threats such as vandalism and fires are a listed, covered peril in your homeowners insurance.
  • Drive more cautiously on Trick or Treating night. Often Trick or Treating starts before we get home. Watch for children crossing mid-block and not looking before crossing. A slower trek home will be safer for you and the little monsters.

Keeping frights at bay has never been easier with a dash of patience and a dollop of preparation! To keep your house protected throughout Halloween and beyond, contact the professionals at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services for your home insurance coverage.