Home Inventory Records Expedite Insurance Claims

Home Inventory Records Expedite Insurance Claims- Lou Aggetta InsuranceLoss of property can occur through natural disasters, theft or fire.  Homeowners are wise to maintain an accurate set of photographs that reveals the contents of each room.  Insurance providers can respond quickly when the homeowner provides details about the items that must be replaced.  Creating a home inventory is easier than one could imagine.

Step 1:    Select the Best Method

Digital photography is one of the easiest ways to create a visual record with still photos or a video.  Walk through the interior of the house room-by-room and take clear photographs of every wall and the middle of the room.  Closer positions are easier to decipher at a later date.

Some people choose to complete a pre-printed home inventory that will include the brand, model, serial number, value and purchase date of every item.  This method can be time-consuming for large homes.

All inventories must include the contents of the basement, garage, storage lockers and outside sheds.  Annual updates to the home inventory should be conducted to ensure that new items are added to the documentation.  Following a move, the pictures should be taken again to provide current information if disaster strikes.

Step 2:     Create Supporting Documentation

Expensive items should be included in this additional document.  Insurance agents should be made aware of collections, musical instruments and art pieces that are of significant value.  Additional riders should be added to the homeowners policy to cover the replacement value of these items.  Contents limits on the policy are figured as a percentage of the structure value.  This approach might not be sufficient to replace the contents of the home.

Step 3:     Store the Inventory Safely

Off-site storage is essential for the home inventory photos and tracking sheets.  The Internet provides helpful ways to store the information once the homeowner has gathered pictures and other information.

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