Securing Your Home for Holiday Travels

Securing Your Home for Holiday TravelsWith the holiday season just around the corner, criminals are patiently waiting for homeowners to travel across the country for a holiday vacation. Rather than leaving your home at risk, we recommend taking some precautions to ensure your home’s safety during the holiday season. Gathered are some important tips for keeping your home safe this winter:

  • While you may think this is obvious, far too many homeowners leave their homes vulnerable by forgetting to lock their windows and doors. Whether the windows are on ground level or are on the fourth story of a building, they must be locked. You may benefit from installing deadbolt locks for all exterior doors.
  • The importance of having an alarm system cannot be stressed enough. These systems will not only land you an appealing homeowners insurance discount, but will also alert authorities of a burglary when you are too far to tend to matters yourself.
  • Despite how sly you think you are being by hiding your spare key under a rock, criminals know all the tricks. Rather than making this common homeowner mistake, entrust a neighbor with your spare key. That being said, it is important that you make new keys whenever you have given a service professional your key to complete a job. This will ensure safety.
  • While you may think letting the shrubbery on the exterior of your home grow is the best safety measure, in actuality, increasing visibility in your home is safer. When criminals have nowhere to hide, they will be less inclined to invade.
  • Before you head out and embark on your holiday travels, do one final walk through to lock all doors and windows. Do not forget locking the door inside your garage that connects to your house.

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