Making The Most Of Your Claim

Homeowners Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

Your Guide To Properly Filing Your Homeowners Insurance Claim

After a disaster, your first thoughts are likely about getting your family to safety, minimizing the fallout, and preserving your valuables. Your insurance claim is probably low on your priority list after a fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstance damages your home, but that does not mean it should stay there. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your claim will be filed properly, helping you make the most of your coverage.

  • Be Quick: Do not wait to file your insurance claim. While it may seem like a chore, making sure it is done quickly can help you maximize the payout you receive from your insurance provider. Because water and smoke damage can dissipate, it is important that you get your claims adjuster on site to appraise the damage as soon as possible.
  • Take Photos: To ensure fading damage does not leave you with less coverage than you deserve, capture the situation with pictures.
  • Know When To Go: The above advice about photos should be ignored if your home is unsafe. If your structure has been damaged, it is better to play it safe than enter a compromised area. It would be terrible to have to deal with an injury on top of restoring your home!
  • Collect Valuables: Once you can go back inside, do so to collect your valuables. This will ensure that further damage that comes from a leak springing back open or other similar circumstance does not further impact your quality of life.

Are you working with an insurance agency who makes filing your claim—and getting the protection you need after a disaster—as easy as possible? To get that level of service along with a high level of coverage, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. Serving Arizona, Nevada, and California, our Pleasant Hill team is here to help you get the best homeowners insurance. Call us today!