What Homeowners Can Learn From California Wildfires

A changing climate means you need to be sure you have plenty of fire coverage for your property.

The recent wildfires in California have been some of the worst the state has faced for years. The destruction and damage caused by wildfires have affected many homes and families that thought they were in the clear. With the rising temperatures, dry weather, and changing climate, the risk of wildfires remains very real. Unfortunately, this means that many homeowners in high-risk areas are losing insurance coverage or struggling to find it.

If you were affected by the California wildfires, you will understand how important and valuable your homeowners insurance is. This policy can help you rebuild and repair so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible. From dwelling coverage to personal property to additional living expense coverage, this insurance means that you avoid financial strain in an already troubling time.

With the effects of wildfire so devastating, here are a few things homeowners can learn from the recent events.

Be Diligent

Fire season can creep up on us, especially when the weather is taken to the extremes. But there are a few simple ways you can be diligent to keep your property as safe as possible.

  • Remove dead and dying trees and bushes.
  • Clear the ground of brush that could become timber for a flying ember.
  • Ensure your home has fire-resistant drywall, roofing, and stone.
  • Clear dry vegetation from around your home and deck.

Understand Coverage

You’ll want to talk to your insurer to confirm that they cover wildfire damage and to what limit. If your homeowners policy covers wildfire damage, you’ll likely find it offers several kinds of protection including:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Personal property coverage
  • Additional living expense coverage
  • Coverage for landscaping

Keep Track

Creating a home inventory is a great way to keep track of your belongings and valuables. This means that if your home does face damage by wildfire, you can alert your insurer to what exactly was lost in the fire.

Having to pick up the pieces after your home and possessions were damaged by a wildfire can be rough. Knowing your homeowners insurance is there to help can ensure you’re better prepared. For the homeowners insurance you need and deserve, contact the team at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California.