What to Do Against Household Pests?

What to Do Against Household Pests?There is no insurance against household pests!

When there’s something strange inside your home’s walls, who are you going to call? Not your insurance agent! Pest infestations are considered maintenance issues by insurance carriers, meaning that they’re something the homeowner has to deal with—not the insurance company. This is because pest infestations are something that could have easily been dealt with before true structural damage occurred.

Homeowners insurance deals with the “sudden and accidental,” like if you have a pipe that bursts and causes flooding, your insurance will cover you on that. If, however, your pipe slowly leaks and mold forms, your insurance is under no obligation to cover you.

If termites are munching on an important beam that supports your roof and it falls, your insurance will actually cover you for the roof – but not the beam! If you do find termites, it’s probably not a good idea to wait until your roof collapses. Another example has to do with rats, so if they creep you out, you should probably stop reading here. Rats are very clever mammals. They are good finding those nooks and crannies like entering your pipes and chewing away at things that matter. If your pipes break or wires get eaten, the resulting damages that come from those initial damages are covered.

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