How to Find Auto Insurance When You Don’t Have a License

Trying to find the right auto insurance policy is often a difficult and complex process. Things become even more difficult when you are searching for coverage without having a driver’s license. Here is an overview of how to find auto insurance even if you don’t have your driver’s license.

Even if you don’t have your driver’s license or drive regularly, auto insurance is still beneficial. Perhaps you own a vehicle, but someone else drives you around. You’ll still need insurance to protect your vehicle. Maybe your license is currently suspended. For your license to be reinstated, you’ll have to show proof of insurance. It’s also possible that you own an antique or a collector’s vehicle. You’ll need auto insurance to protect your prized possession if it is stolen or vandalized.

Finding Insurance Without a Driver’s License

Before you start researching coverage, learn more about your state’s rules. Without a license, you may have fewer choices among insurance carriers, or you’ll have to deal with a high premium. You don’t have to operate your vehicle, but the primary driver must be related to you or live with you. Even if you don’t drive, you will be listed as the registered owner when filing a claim. Without an extensive driving record, your insurance will likely be expensive. Insurers won’t have the ability to look at your driving record and determine if you are a high-risk driver or not.

Purchasing a Vehicle

Remember that you can go to a dealership and purchase a vehicle without having a license. All you’ll need is a government ID. However, there may be some pushback from dealerships due to potential liability issues. Take some time to find a dealership that is willing to work with you. You can also contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to learn more about purchasing a vehicle without an active driver’s license.

Types of Car Insurance

Once you have purchased a vehicle, you’ll have to research which insurance policies are best for you. You’ll need a minimum amount of coverage even if someone else is driving your vehicle. You should have liability coverage at the minimum to protect you if you injure someone or damage their property. You should also consider uninsured motorist coverage so that you’ll be protected if someone without insurance damages your car.

What If Your License Is Suspended

If you have a suspended license, you may have to fill out a Certificate of Financial Responsibility document to be reinstated. The document shows that you have acquired auto insurance, and the company is aware of your high-risk driving status. You may also opt for a nonowner’s policy. If you put a designated driver on your policy, your premium may go down if they have a clean driving record.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, it’s not impossible to find auto insurance. If you have more questions related to auto insurance, the professionals at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services are here to assist you. Contact us today in Pleasant Hill, California to get started.