Identity Theft: You might be covered and don’t even know it!

Identity theft is devastating. It can destroy a person’s credit as well as their financial reputation when it comes to employment. Banks have offered protection from identity theft for quite some time, but what many people don’t know is they can protect themselves with their homeowner’s insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may include identity theft protection, if not, it can be added to it.

Insurance agencies understand how important it is for their client’s financial reputation to be protected. They also know a large portion of identity starts in the home. By offering their clients protection against identity theft, they can also instruct them on how to prevent it. Shredding documents with highly confidential and personal information before throwing them into trash receptacles is one way to protect your identity. Purchasing anti-virus programs for computers and mobile devices is also beneficial in preventing hackers from accessing vital information over the internet.

Contact your insurance agent today to find out if you have this specialized coverage. If you don’t, it can be added to your homeowner’s policy for as little as $20 a year. They can answer any questions you have about your coverage and how you can improve it.