The Most Important Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

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Prepare your property for listing.  

Most homeowners will agree that getting the home ready to sell is overwhelming. Not only do you need to clear the clutter, but there is endless amounts of organizing, cleaning, packing, and paperwork to handle. But before you list your property, there are a few important repairs to do around the home. Simple repairs here and there can help your home appear more appealing to buyers – helping you to get more money for your property and sell it sooner.

  • Exterior fixes

You can’t make a first impression twice. Real estate agents will talk about ramping up your home’s curb appeal to make a good impression straight away. This can include making minor repairs to the exterior of your property to ensure it looks in good condition and safe. For example, do the exterior lights not work? Are there cracks in the driveway? Is the paint peeling away from the door? Does the landscaping look barely alive? Buyers who see these issues will judge the house even before they step inside.

  • Aesthetic repairs

Walk through your home. Are there any areas that look a little worn? Perhaps there are dings in doorways, yellowing paint on the walls, or scratched moldings. Either way, take a look at these issues now, no matter how small and insignificant they may appear to be. Buff out scratches, repaint rooms, and stick with neutral décor to lighten up the property.

  • Spice up the kitchen

Buyers care about kitchens. Even for those buyers that can’t cook! If your kitchen is looking a little dated, make small updates to give buyers a designer look on a shoestring budget. Change the outdated tile backsplash, update appliances, and change fixture handles to revamp the kitchen easily.

Whether you’re buying or selling, make sure you have reliable homeowners insurance to suit your property. Talk to the team at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill to get started!