Important Update: Renter’s Insurance may not be enough. Here’s Why.

Many people believe they will be completely covered – both their belongings and themselves – by simply obtaining renter’s insurance. While renter’s insurance does cover some of your belongings, whether you’re in the home or not, damages to clothing, furniture, or other personal items, and natural occurrences such as a windstorm or hail, it’s not as extensive as one may think. In order to truly protect yourself, you must look into renter’s insurance add-ons that will cover the items not covered by a basic policy.

One very important add-on to your policy needs to be personal injury coverage. You may assume that renter’s insurance covers this, but most policies do not. Obtaining this policy add-on will cover you in case you are personally injured when you’re involved in a covered loss. So if you have renter’s insurance and there is damage to both your residence and yourself, hospital bills and other medical coverage will be included.

You should also think about extra coverage for belongings, such as valuable items coverage. This type of coverage is self-explanatory but is vital to those that have items they cannot replace easily.

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