Is Your Collection Covered?

Insurance for collectable and collections Pleasant Hill CA

Get Your Collectables The Protection They Deserve

You have spent years acquiring your current collection. Whether you are gathering art, coins, china, dolls, guns, or another valuable, you have likely poured countless days and a great amount of energy into curating your collectables. Your special possessions deserve great insurance protection.

If you have anything collectable, your insurance provider can help you customize your insurance coverage so that you will not lose the value of your collection, even if something should happen to the collection itself. If you fail to get the insurance coverage you need, in the event of theft or damage you will not be properly reimbursed. It is difficult to establish the value of your collection when it is no longer intact, so securing coverage in advance is key.

Do not assume that your existing policies will cover your collectable items. Your homeowners policy has limits on valuable items, and odds are that your carefully pulled together collections are more precious than your current policy can cover.

In order to get the proper amount of coverage for your collection, work to secure the new purchase price on each item. Create an inventory with receipts and appraisals so that you can have evidence of the value of your acquisitions should you need to be reimbursed.

Simply putting your collection in a secure storage locker does not safeguard it. Remember, even your storage locker can be stolen from your home. You deserve to put the same level of care into your insurance coverage as you have for your carefully compiled collectables.

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