Insurance for Every Age!

Insurance isn’t just for people with kids or those with medical expenses. There are many different forms of insurance for different points of your life. The types you need will be determined by where you are in life. But insurance is needed for every age, as you will see.


If you have private student loans, a term life insurance will help your family pay them off in the case of an emergency. Disability will also help in case of any type of injury preventing you from working.


Life insurance can help pay for child care and other services for the stay-at-home parent. Again, disability insurance should be considered to cover costs and make up for lost salary.


Revisit your life insurance policy to ensure it doesn’t run out while you still owe mortgage or while your children still depend on you.


Use your permanent life insurance policy to help pay for your children’s college.


Using current insurance policies, discuss your estate-planning options with an estate-planning attorney.

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