Special Insurance for Your Leisure Vehicles

Jetski and ATV Insurance Pleasant Hill CA

If you own a jet ski or ATV, be sure to know your coverage!

While jet skis are a perfect way to enjoy the water on a summer’s day and ATVs are great for outdoor driving fun, the number of accidents involving these vehicles are on the rise. Nowadays young children are being allowed complete control of jet skis and ATVs, and with no driving experience, many fun activities are turning into serious injuries and damages.

If a child was to accidentally hit someone and cause a severe injury, the victim could press charges or file all medical bills and damage repairs to the adult responsible for the child. These expenses can get extortionately high and could cause financial strain on you and your family. Along side this, the vehicle could face damages which may take more costs to repair.

Luckily, liability insurance is designed to cover instances just like this. Your device, such as a jet ski or ATV, needs to be specified on the policy so that it is properly insured. Typically, a homeowners insurance or auto insurance policy will not cover these additional risks and expenses.

To learn more about acquiring liability insurance for your leisure vehicles, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. We are located in Pleasant Hill, California, and ensure that each resident receives the protection that they deserve!