Climb Carefully: Ladder Safety Tips

Ladder Safety TipsThese ladder safety tips will help you get up and back to the ground without injury.

With the changing seasons comes the time to make some changes around your house. From clearing your gutters of fall leaves to stringing up seasonal décor, it’s not uncommon to find yourself on a ladder this time of year. When you do, use these ladder safety tips to make sure you safely reach the ground again.

  • Make sure you choose a ladder that’s the right size for the job. Never stand on your tip toes to try to reach an item or perform a task; get a bigger ladder! Even stretching up on a short step stool can cause a serious injury if you fall.
  • Never put your ladder in front of a door that could open into it. If you have to put your ladder in front of a door, lock it beforehand.
  • Wear sturdy footwear with clean, slip-resistant soles.
  • Climb up and down the ladder slowly. Even if you feel comfortable on a ladder, it’s worth the extra seconds to avoid a serious spill!
  • Make sure your ladder has a firm foundation. Never climb a ladder that wobbles, even a little bit. Also, make sure the level ground on which it’s placed isn’t slippery in any way.
  • If the day is windy or a storm is coming your way, wait to use your ladder until conditions clear up.
  • Never climb a ladder if you’ve been feeling lightheaded, are tired, or generally don’t have good balance.

The whole team at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services hopes these tips help you stay safe around the home this fall! While you focus on protecting yourself, contact our Pleasant Hill to handle protecting your home with a great California home insurance policy.