Life Insurance Life Events

Life Insurance Life Events

What life events should draw you to modify your life insurance policy?

Your life insurance is made to cover you for your present life. It should cover all your needs, but life changes and that means that your life insurance should too. As we have all come to know, life is unexpected and can change at any moment. Your life insurance policy needs to keep up with your changing life in order to provide your family with the right death benefit amount. Here are a few life events that, should they happen to you, require a modification to your life insurance policy.

Getting Married – The start of your family starts with “I do.” But you also need to say I do to a life insurance policy. You and your spouse now share debts. Things like mortgages, student debt, and other debts will fall to your spouse should you pass.

Having Children – If you have children (either through birth or adoption) you will need to modify your life insurance policy to include them in your will and possibly increase the death benefit amount. College tuition is currently ridiculously expensive in the U.S. with no end in sight. Make sure your children’s education is taken care of if you are no longer able to provide for them.

Any Dependents – Life may throw a curve ball at you and leave you with unplanned dependents. Perhaps they are your parents or some other people, if you don’t want to leave them the burden of your debts and funeral costs, make sure that your life insurance policy reflects your needs.

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