How to Minimize Your Wildfire Risk at Home

Safeguard your home from potential wildfire damage.

A wildfire can destroy your home and possessions within seconds. These devastating events are no stranger to California, and although they may strike fear into the hearts of homeowners, there are certain steps you can take to protect yourself. While you can’t control the fire from sparking in the wild, you can prevent the likelihood of your home and belongings turning to ash before your eyes. Fire is unpredictable, but you can gain the upper hand by being prepared.

Assess your defensible space.
Defensible space is the buffer that separates your home from the landscaping or woodland areas surrounding it. Adequate defensible space helps to slow or even stop the fire from spreading. Around 30 feet surrounding your property, ensure that there are no dead plants, grass, or weeds.

Examine your surroundings.
Look for features that could fuel the fire around your property. If grass, leaves, and branches reach from the ground up to your house , they provide a ladder for fire to climb up a tree and spread. To remove ladder fuel, ensure the trees are pruned and lower branches are cut back, and any remove any overhanging growth away from the roofline. Be sure to keep your grass low and well-watered, or replace it with succulents and non-flammable ground cover.

Maintain your roof.
Grab the ladders and head to the roof to remove any debris and branches that may be sitting on your roof. This debris can be ignited by embers from close fires, so it is best to remove them now. While you’re at it, ensure that your home’s gutters are kept clear of leaves, dirt, and debris.

Make a plan.
In the event of an approaching ground fire, make sure you have a Go Bag with important things which you can grab and leave with at a moment’s notice. It should include medications, important documents that are not stored online, and things you or your family require to survive beyond your home. Check for ways to prepare.

Review your insurance policy.
Your homeowners insurance is designed to protect your home and belongings in the event of a fire. Review your policy to ensure that you have adequate coverage for your possessions as well as the home’s structure.

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