P&G Energy Savings Programs

There are several P&G Energy Savings Programs available to California residents who own energy-efficient appliances and products in their home or business. Explore the top programs below.

The SmartAC™ Program helps prevent power interruption in the community through the installation of a SmartAC™ device within enrollee’s homes. The unit and installation are free, and participants receive an incentive check.

The SmartRate™ Program lets Californians enjoy exclusive Summer Pricing Plans to control those hefty electric bills and help preserve the environment. Enroll and agree to reducing usage or paying a slightly higher rate on SmartDays™ in exchange for enjoying reduced rates the rest of the season.

Energy Upgrade California™ provides incentives to residents who complete certain energy-saving home improvements. This program encourages homeowners to take a whole house approach to increasing energy efficiency.

The Zero Net Energy Pilot Program aims to promote the state’s long-term energy goals concerning new residential dwellings. The program is designed to encourage research, development, and community outreach to endorse compliance with California’s strategic environmental plans.

The Energy Savings Assistance Program assists income-qualified homeowners in effort to help them save money on utility expenses. This free service provides services including minor home repairs and appliance replacement for qualified applicants.

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