New Parent? Here’s What You Should Know About Life Insurance

What new parents should know about their need for life insurance.

Few things in life are as joyful (or terrifying!) as bringing home your new baby. The little bundle of joy will change your entire life as you know it. If this is your first baby, then there are a few things that new parents should consider to protect their new family – and securing or reviewing life insurance is one of them.

Life insurance is designed to protect your surviving spouse and family when you are no longer around to do so. Now that you have a little one here, and another dependent, you will need to adjust your coverage to reflect your new responsibility.

Children are expensive to raise. From the time they’re born until they’re 18, you can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on food, clothing, shelter, education, and more. Consider their needs and make sure that you have enough life insurance coverage that can be there for your spouse when you are gone.

Remember that stay-at-home parents have significant value. Many people believe that only the breadwinner should take out a life insurance policy  – but this isn’t the case at all. Stay-at-home parents provide valuable services, such as cooking, cleaning, transportation, and childcare that the surviving spouse would have to pay to replace. Since these services can be expensive, it’s a good idea for both parents to take out life insurance.

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