What to Do With Pets in an Emergency Evacuation Situation

Making a disaster plan for your pets.  

California can face wildfires and storms, even during the winter months. No area is immune to evacuation, which is why it pays to be ready at any time. For most people, disaster preparedness means packing a bag, keeping your car stocked, and preparing just in case local authorities recommend evacuation. But do you know how to prepare for evacuating for your pets? Emergency evacuation with pets is more complicated than tossing your furry friend in the car and getting out of town. Here’s what you should know.

  • ID your pet. Make sure your pets have collars and tags that have up-to-date information on them (such as their name and your telephone number).
  • Take a current picture. Always have a recent photo of your pet in order to identify them, if necessary.
  • Secure your pet. Before an emergency, purchase a pet carrier for each of your animals. Write your name and contact information, along with your pets’ names on the carriers. Get him or her familiar with the carrier and practice getting them into the carrier before an emergency arises.
  • Identify shelters. Not all shelters are able to take pets in an emergency situation, so if you plan to stay at a shelter when you evacuate, make sure you find one that is okay with pets.
  • Prepare a kit. Pet emergency kits should include plenty of food and water, their bowls, medical records, any medications, a litter tray, litter, and other clean-up items. Don’t forget their favorite blanket and toy!
  • Be proactive. If you are given a lot of warning time, be proactive. Leave the potentially affected area early and ensure your pet stays as calm as possible.

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