Picnic & Party Food Safety

When the weather is pleasant, it’s fun to take the whole gang out for a picnic and spend time in the beautiful outdoors, enjoying good food and one another’s company. However, it’s very important to remember the principles of food safety, whether you are preparing party food or a basket of treats for an outdoor event.

The hot temperatures of summer make for an enjoyable outing, but they also pose a danger in terms of food safety. Make sure that you keep all your dairy based items cool by either refrigerating them until immediate use at your gathering or by keeping them on ice when serving them at an outdoor food party or picnic.

The sandwiches and potato salad you made with mayonnaise, for example, can go bad when left out in the heat, result in an unpleasant bout of food poisoning for you and your guests. By strictly observing food safety protocols and keeping cold foods cold or baking them to make them stable over time, you will help keep your family and friends healthy.

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