Do you need Comprehensive Coverage?

With all the coverage options that are available when you invest in an auto insurance policy, it can be confusing making sure that you have the right amount of coverage. When looking for the right coverage options, make sure that you look into comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive coverage provides protection in case of damage that is out of your control, such as fire, theft, falling objects, vandalism, or natural disasters. Comprehensive coverage does not provide protection for any damage that is done in a car accident.

When deciding if you need to invest in comprehensive coverage, there are two situations to consider, including:

  • Your lender or lease holder. Many lease holders and auto lenders require you to have comprehensive coverage on your car while you still owe money. Make sure to check with your lender or lease holder to see if they require comprehensive coverage before choosing the right auto insurance policy.
  • What is your car worth and how old is it? If you own your car outright, comprehensive coverage is optional. Make sure to look into the value of your car before purchasing comprehensive coverage. If you have a newer, more expensive vehicle, it will be more expensive to replace or repair if it is damaged. If you have an older, less expensive vehicle, you may be able to pay out of pocket to cover the cost and save money on your insurance premiums.

Although adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance policy will increase your premiums, it is worth the extra expense. There are also steps that you can take to help offset the cost, such as choosing a low deductible on your comprehensive coverage and choosing a higher deductible on your collision.

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