Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Keep safe this season with pool safety tips for the summer.

Being able to take a dip in the pool on a hot summer day is a definite plus for those with one in the back garden. Lying by the pool is a great way to enjoy the summer sunshine, but even so, safety precautions shouldn’t be forgotten. Even if your child is the most experienced swimmer, a pool can be a dangerous place without proper provisions.

Prevent Possible Injuries

Having a pool means taking on certain responsibilities. This is more than getting it cleaned now and again. Implement these pool safety tips to prevent accidents!

Be alert: Never leave children unattended, even for a few seconds. Always watch your children when they’re near the pool. It’s your job to avoid distractions and keep an eye on the area. 

Teach your children water safety: Be sure that they know how to swim and understand rules like no running near the pool and no swimming without an adult present. Never leave children alone, even if there are a few of them – they won’t know how to handle an emergency situation like you do. Any children who can’t swim or have yet to build confidence swimming should always wear approved life vests and flotation devices.

Keep it locked: Put fencing around the pool area to keep people from using the pool without your knowledge, and lock it every night. Don’t leave the pool keys where the children can find them!

Deter children away from drains: Keep children away from pool filters, pipes, and drains. Make sure that they know the dangers of becoming trapped, and learn that drains and pipes aren’t places for play. 

Install proper lighting: Light pathways in addition to lighting the inside the pool so that all areas are clearly visible. Turn the lights on before the sun sets.

Make a pool safety kit: Build a safety kit and keep it in your pool area. Be sure it contains a fully stocked first aid kit and a pair of scissors to cut away clothing or hair that may get stuck in a drain or flotation device.

We hope that you and your family stay safe while using the pool! So that you’re fully insured for the season ahead, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill.