How to Properly Conduct a Home Inventory

To properly save all of the things in your home from damage, it’s important that you conduct a home inventory.

If you ever have to file a homeowners insurance claim, you’ll have to submit a list of all the items in your house that have been damaged, lost, or stolen. Having a list of all your possessions at your fingertips will ease an otherwise headache-inducing process and get your insurance claim settled faster. Here are some guidelines you should follow when compiling your home inventory to make the entire process easier, so you can get your things faster.

Decide on a Game Plan

To make a leviathan task more manageable, it’s best to start with one room at a time. The process may be tiring and time-consuming, so set a pace that works for you. Remember, just an inventory of one room is better than an inventory of zero rooms.

Take Photographs

Visually capturing your belongings is the best way to prove to your insurance company that you actually owned your items, and it’s a good idea for those things you don’t know how to describe (like that weird coffee table you found in the countryside at an antique shop made of tractor parts).

Pay Attention to the Big Ticket Items

Record serial numbers for your higher-end items and note how much you paid for these items. You’ll also want to check if your insurance coverage will cover these high-priced items by checking the limit on your homeowners insurance policy.

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