4 Effective Strategies to Protect Your Commercial Property

Operating a business can be tough as you navigate different rights and responsibilities. Commercial insurance is an asset. One of the features of commercial insurance is property protection. However, accidents can still happen at any moment.

In today’s radically evolving environment, businesses can never have enough security. Criminals can infiltrate any area. Computer hackers have developed strategies to sneak past different security measures and corrupt online networks. Companies are constantly brainstorming ways to ensure that no unauthorized personnel can gain access without permission.

Even if you have a high success rate, there are still different strategies that you can implement to protect your commercial property and keep your business thriving. Here are a few of them:

  1. Enhanced Alarm System
    Installing an enhanced alarm system can strengthen the security of your property. It’s recommended that you hire a team to watch over the system around the clock. Your security team can monitor the system on your premises, or you can hire a remote team to watch over everything. Regardless of which method you prefer, installing an enhanced alarm system decreases the chances of a security breach.  Insure that each employee sets and deactivates the alarm with their own personal code.  This will help you identify which of your employees may be visiting outside of normal working hours.  Consult with a professional installer who can help you identify the best places to install sensors, as well as the optimum location for your monitoring team to spot a potential break-in attempt.
  2. Install a Chain Link Fence
    A relatively easy way to prevent people from stealing or vandalizing your property is installing a chain-link fence. A high-end chain link fence is a great barrier that can help keep thieves away. Once you’ve installed a chain-link fence, you can add other accessories such as a gate, framework, and fittings. These extra safety measures will add another layer of protection against criminal activity. Consult with a professional who can help you secure the locks and ensure that your fence is stable.
  3. Enhanced Surveillance System
    You can enhance your alarm system by implementing CCTV cameras. An army of CCTV cameras can provide you access to video cameras and digital stills. These closed-circuit cameras convert light into a signal which can be recorded and displayed. CCTV cameras can prevent criminal behaviour and ensure that your employees are acting professionally at all times. A camera expert can help you develop a strategy for where to install the cameras. It’s important to avoid blind spots, which leave you vulnerable to thieves. The closed-circuit technology should help you quickly identify criminals if you suffer a breach.  If possible, the surveillance should be recorded off site.  On-site recordings can be stolen or tampered with.
  4. Properly Secure All Exits and Entrances
    Unless you have a large array of cameras and security guards, it’s virtually impossible to monitor everyone entering and leaving your property at all times. You can install different authorization methods at the exits and entrances. You can ask your employees to swipe their badges or type in a key code at every entrance point. You also have the option to install enhanced gates that only open through proper verification. Automatic doors are another option, and these require different forms of authentication to open. Secure all windows and make sure that all gates are one way locked, so nobody will enter from the other side.

Consult with Lou Aggetta Insurance Inc.

Implementing these commercial property strategies will help protect your assets. Speak with a professional and figure out which plan makes the most sense for the type of business that you have. If you have any questions, contact our team here at Lou Aggetta Insurance Inc., and we will assist you.