Protect Your Move!

Moving companies often offer insurance covering your belongings should they be lost, damaged or stolen during the move. There are generally two types of moving insurance to choose from – Full Value Protection and Released Value Coverage.  

With Full Value Protection the mover is responsible for replacing items that are lost, damaged or stolen during the move with an item of equal, current market value or a cash settlement.  Under Released Value Coverage, your articles are insured for a maximum dollar amount based on the weight of the shipment or item.  For instance, if this coverage provides insurance for 50 cents per pound, a 30 pound table will be insured for $15.00 regardless of its actual worth.

It can be hard to determine which type of moving insurance is right for you.  The good news is, many homeowners and renters insurance policies will cover your personal belongings during the move.

To find out if your current policy will protect your move or to update your policy for your new home, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance located in Pleasant Hill, California. We will be happy to help you get a quote for any of your insurance needs.