Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Changing Needs

Life moves on whether we’re ready or not, do you have the right insurance to cope with these changes to your life?

The universe is in a constant rate of change. Even now, the furthest reaches of the universe are expanding away from the Milky Way faster than the speed of light! Our lives change as well–admitedly, not as fast as the speed of light. Our insurance policies were written to cover us when we signed the dotted line and surely there are things that life has thrown at us that require an update in policy. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your changing insurance needs.

  1. Have you recently gotten married/divorced?
    Homeowners insurance: If you’ve recently gotten married or divorced, you need to update your homeowners insurance policy. Whether you’re adding or subtracting assets to or from your house, an update is going to be necessary to cover you for what you need.
  2. Have you added a baby to your family?
    Life insurance: Your family financially depends on you one way or another. Whether they depend on it fully or only partially, your income will be a missed thing–especially when one or more children are involved. Diapers, clothes, extracurricular activities, and tuitions are all things that are extremely expensive. Don’t give your family yet another reason to suffer.

Do you have the homeowners insurance and life insurance policies to protect yourself in case a covered disaster strikes your home? These tips should get you started on the right foot. To learn more about the policies you should have, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill.