Rebuilding Your Small Business After Coronavirus

Businesses large and small were hit hard by COVID-19. While stay-at-home orders meant that sales to your business dropped, you may have learned to adapt to the changing needs of the consumer. Now that some businesses are reopening and people are returning to work, it’s worth considering how you plan to rebuild your small company. Here are a few tips to help.

Assess the damage. If you haven’t truly looked at how much financial damage COVID-19 did to your business, now is the time to check. Although you may have received financial help from the government, your income may still have dropped off.

Adapt your plan. What worked before the pandemic may not work in this new normal. For example, if you previously relied on foot traffic sales, you may now need to consider building a website and offering delivery to make up the sales figures. Understand how these times have changed consumer needs and wants to best support your business.

Acknowledge risks and plan. As a business owner, you should know that there are always some risks lurking in the background, whether it’s a liability claim, fire hazard, or pandemic. Smart business owners will leverage what they have learned throughout the pandemic by preparing for the worst with risk management and reliable insurance.

Make sure you have support during this challenging time. The team at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services can help you to secure reliable commercial insurance to safeguard your organization. Contact us today in Pleasant Hill, California to get started.