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Insuring Your Summer Road Trip Abroad

Summer is in full swing, and it is the perfect time to gather up your family and friends and head out on a road trip. If you are really itching for an adventure, you may even be thinking about crossing over to Canada or Mexico this summer! When you do, would you still be insured?

Your existing auto insurance policy is able to cross one border: that between the US and Canada. When traveling north, your driver’s license and your auto insurance are still effective.

If, however, you are southbound on your road trip, you need to think about getting other insurance coverage. Your auto insurance will stop as soon as you hit the US-Mexico border, so you will need an alternate policy to kick in once you cross onto Mexican soil.

If you are taking a rental car for your summer adventures, getting the additional coverage should be easy. Most rental car companies offer rental car insurance that can protect you in Mexico. Just make sure you purchase a specific Mexico insurance policy before you leave the States, as you need it to be in effect before you cross the border.

If you have any other questions about covering your own car or your rental car when travelling domestically or internationally, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance, Inc. in Pleasant Hill. Serving all of California, we are here to help you put the right insurance policies in place to enjoy your summer road trips stress-free. For all of your auto insurance needs, call us today!