Own a Rental Property? Secure Landlords Insurance

Landlord Insurance Pointers for Coverage

Pointers on how and why to secure reliable landlord insurance.

Whether you’re an accidental landlord or an intended income property owner, it’s important that you understand what coverage best protects you. You will need to protect your valuable investment with the proper rental property insurance. Statistically, rental homes are more susceptible to damage than owner-occupied homes. Some tenants usually do not give the same care and attention to a rental property that they are renting, like a homeowner would for their home.


While you may be tempted to stick with your homeowners policy, note that any claims that you make may not be covered for your rental property. The homeowners insurance company doesn’t consider that the home is being rented out when it issues your policy. If they are not aware of the rental, it can deny coverage if something does happen. It’s better to let your insurer know you’re renting to others, even if it’s for a couple of weeks a year!


Landlord insurance is designed to protect your investment and wallet. Securing landlord insurance typically covers:

  • The dwelling – whether it is a single family, townhouse, condo, or apartment.
  • Detached buildings – including a shed or garage
  • Premises liability – Liability protecting for injury to tenants and their guests, if you are held legally responsible
  • Contents – including furniture or appliances that you own.
  • Fair Rental Value – If your property becomes uninhabitable because of a peril covered in your policy, you will be reimbursed for rent you lose while repairs are being made.

Special Note

To also protect you from policy increases due to losses caused by renters, add a requirement for renters’ liability insurance to your lease.  This will insure their negligent actions and make your policy secondary.

Whether you rent out a property for a couple of weeks out of a year or run a permanent rental operation, be sure to cover your assets with reliable landlord insurance. Need help finding the right policy? Contact the professionals at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services, serving Pleasant Hill and neighboring areas with quality policies in California!