Renters Insurance: Don’t Stay Home Without It

It’s tempting to believe that because you don’t own the dwellling, you’re not responsible for providing renters insurance. You may get away with not having it, but why would you want to? The importance of renters insurance becomes obvious when you most need it. While you won’t be responsible for rebuilding your rental property after a catastrophe, you are responsible for making certain that your personal property is protected.

While no one is recommending that you build a bunker, it is vital to consider all the things that can occur in the course of everyday life. Few people are ever prepared for theft, vadalism, wind storm, lightening strike, explosion, falling items, electrical surges, the weight of snow or ice on the roof, or water damage. It seems that everyone knows they can happen, but don’t expect any of these life-changing events to impact them.

Consider theft, just one of the unexpected calamities that can befall any renter. Are you prepared to replace your electronics, jewelry, collectibles, sports equipment, clothing, or anything else that is stolen? If not, you are a prime candidate for renters insurance.

Lou Aggetta Insurance Services is accustomed to making sure their clients have converage when they need it most.