Safety Tips for Cars and Cyclists to Coexist on the Roads

Stay safe on the roads with these safety tips.

Along with traveling on the road, whether that’s on a bicycle or in a car, come responsibilities. What’s commonly forgotten is that no one single mode of transport has entitlement to the road. Cars and bicyclists should coexist peacefully on the road – and doing so will steadily drop the rate of collisions, accidents, and fatalities for drivers and cyclists alike.

In Oakland and San Francisco, we’re no stranger to cycling. From sea-front views to tourist trails, there are plenty of opportunities to get active on a bicycle. Unfortunately, many people drive and cycle unprepared and unable to deal with situations on the road. For your safety, whether you drive or cycle, and for others around you, read up on these safety tips:

For Cyclists:

  • Use hand signals well in advance to indicate to others on the road where you need to move
  • Obey traffic signals
  • Hang back far enough to allow cars to make a right turn on red
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings at all times. Watch for parked cars where people may be opening doors on the driver side of the vehicle without looking
  • Do not expect to be granted the right of way in any instance. Make eye contact with drivers as they may signal for you to take the right of way
  • Try to ride consistently and predictably.
  • Don’t thread through parked cars.

For Cars:

  • Use turn signals well in advance to indicate to others on the road where you need to move
  • Always check your blind spot before moving, turning, and merging!
  • Wait until it is safe to pass a bicycle and refrain from tailgating
  • Leave plenty of space around a cyclist when passing them
  • Allow extra time for cyclists to go through intersections
  • Give cyclists the right of way when the situation calls for it
  • Watch out for cyclists when turning right. A cyclist may well be to the right of you and planning to go straight at the same intersection.

Staying safe on the roads is imperative for bicyclists and drivers alike. Part of this protection is ensuring that you have the right insurance policies at hand. Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services, serving Pleasant Hill and surrounding cities in California to get started!