Sewer and Drain Backup Insurance for Businesses

flooding office interior.Optimizing Coverage For Your Biggest Investment

Business owners of companies of all shapes and sizes have share the same priority – protecting their business to the fullest while maximizing profits and minimizing losses. In doing so, you have obtained commercial insurance policies intended to optimize protection of your biggest investment. Unfortunately, many new and small businesses owners will forgo certain policies simply to avoid the extra expense that can actually provide their companies with a great deal of security.

One majorly overlooked form of coverage is sewer and drain backup coverage. While many businesses pass up this coverage, this can act as a financial safeguard for your biggest investment. With all the rain that is blanketing our beautiful state, it becomes increasingly more important for businesses to safeguard themselves from this common peril.

If the sewers surrounding your facilities become overwhelmed and cannot function properly, they will provide you with an unpleasant surprise as they back up into the business. This can be extremely expensive to remediate since you not only have to pay for cleaning, but chances are you will have a few repairs on your hands as well.

Rather than forgoing the security of your business, we recommend adding sewer and drain backup coverage to your policy. While you may be inclined to view this policy as an added expense, the few extra dollars a year will be much less expensive than trying to repair and recover from sewer and drain backup on your own terms.

Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill for all of your California business insurance needs. Please do not hesitate to give us a call to add sewer and drain backup coverage to your commercial insurance policy. We value the success and well-being of your business and will go above and beyond to assist in providing you with the protection required to thrive.