Smart Home Devices for a Happy and Healthy Pet

Creative home devices that help you to keep an eye on your pets. 

If you have a four-legged furry friend at home, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced some guilt leaving them for work or vacation. Pets are a big part of the family, and not being able to check up on them throughout the day can be a problem. Take a look at these smart home devices that will make a large difference in your pets life from afar.

Pet-specific cameras

An evolution in camera technology has resulted in a new frontier: pet-specific surveillance. These products are designed to keep an eye on pets, and even interact with them when you are away from home, providing peace of mind and added stimulation for your pet.

Food dispensers

There are now several smart pet food dispensers that dispense dry food on scheduled intervals, managed by smartphones with smart home device pairing abilities. The smart technology uses pet-specific metrics to determine the perfect feeding frequency and serving sizes.

Dog door

Let your pet in and outside even from work! Smart doors can have different permissible time frames. This can be an excellent option when you’re away from the house for a few hours, making sure pets have the option to go outside without compromising home security.

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