St.Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

Everyone likes to have fun on St. Patrick’s Day, but is important to stay safe.

Plan your way home before going out. Have a way to get home worked out before you leave. Take advantage of public transportation, or use a designated driver or a taxi to go both to and from your party destination.

Spend the evening with your friends. Being with friends at a party or bar is much safer, and much more fun, then going out alone. Make sure to keep tabs on everyone in your group to avoid possible problems.

Carry only what you need. Taking too much when you go only encourages trouble. Keep it to the essentials: some money, your driver’s license and a credit card. Never wear expensive jewelry and leave your purse at home.

Don’t overindulge in alcohol. You don’t need to get drunk to enjoy the holiday. Drink alcohol responsibly and be sure to have plenty of water and food during the evening.

Stay safe this year on St. Patty’s Day, and everyday — get a quote on insurance. Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance in Pleasant Hill for more information.