What is a Statement of Health?

Understanding the basics of a statement of health.  

If you’re enrolling in or making changes to a group life insurance or disability plan, you may be asked to complete a Statement of Health (SOH), also known as Medical Evidence of Insurability. Completing this is essential to ensuring you and your loved ones have the coverage that you need for the future.

What is a Statement of Health?

A Statement of Health is a document containing a series of questions about your overall health. Depending on the plan and the coverage you want, a statement of health is necessary to meet underwriting rules and to complete your application.

When is this required?

There are many situations in which this document is required. For example:

  • When you request an amount of coverage that exceeds the maximum guaranteed issue amount in your plan
  • Enrolling after an enrollment period closes
  • Reconsidering your choices after waiving your employer-paid insurance.

Does it require a doctor’s visit?

Typically, it does not. If you answer ‘yes’ to questions on the Statement of Health document, you may be asked to submit an Attending Physician’s Statement (APS) or undergo a paramedical exam, which is arranged by your insurer and performed by a medical professional.

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