Safeguarding Your Storage

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Are Your Belongings In Storage Covered?

Whether you have paid to rent out a storage unit or are keeping some of your belongings at a friend or family member’s home, there is a chance your homeowners insurance will not protect your property. If your belongings are stored away from your own home for more than thirty days, odds are high they will no longer be covered by your homeowners insurance.

To understand whether or not items stored off-site are covered under your homeowners insurance, take a look at your policy. Even if it does include coverage for items in storage, it likely has limits so it is important to understand what you will need to do in order to fully cover your possessions, whether that means adding in a rider or purchasing a separate policy.

If you are placing things in long-term storage and there is not coverage for them in your existing policy, to safeguard them you must obtain additional coverage to protect your belongings. Many storage facilities will have coverage, but make sure they carry enough coverage to truly safeguard your possessions. Most will have a limit on the value of the items you can store under their coverage, so you may want to consider storing valuables elsewhere, like in a safe deposit box.

When your items are ready be placed in storage, take pictures of each belonging before you pack it away. This will help your process be as easy as possible should you need to file a claim.

If you have questions about the best way to safeguard your possessions in storage, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. Located in Pleasant Hill and serving California, Nevada, and Arizona, we are here to help you secure the homeowners insurance and storage insurance you need for peace of mind.