Summer Safety Tips: Water Edition

Summer & Beach Safety Tips

Stay Safe With This Water Safety Guide

Whether you prefer the beach, the lake, or the pool, odds are you head to the water when you need to beat the summer heat. The water can be a great way to cool off, but it is important that you keep some safety precautions in mind as you swim. To help you stay cool and safe, use these tips this summer.

  • Safeguard With Supervision: Flotation devices and an occasional glance towards your kids as they play are not sufficient. Protect your children by ensuring they are constantly being supervised. If there is not a lifeguard on duty, the obligation to keep a constant watch falls to you.
  • Beware Beach Signage: Always look carefully for any signs that are posted on a beach before you head to the water. If there are “No Swimming” signs posted, heed them. They have been posted for a reason, and your beach safety would be seriously compromised by ignoring these warnings.
  • Recognize Rip Current: Rip currents are dangerous, strong currents underneath the water that could pull you away from shore. Make sure you know if there are any rip currents in the water before you go swimming in the ocean. If you do swim out, keep a close eye on your original spot on the beach to ensure you are not being carried away.
  • Look To Lessons: One of the best things you can do to protect your children wherever they swim is enroll them in formal swimming lessons. Pediatricians support these lessons as young as age one, as they significantly reduce the risk of drowning.

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