Hiring Summer Employees? Here Are Some Good Interview Tips

Hiring Summer Employees? Here Are Some Good Interview Tips

A seasonal staff may be exactly what your office needs to make things easier for your full-time workers.

Hiring seasonal workers is different from hiring permanent workers. Seasonal employees have to either already know how to do the job or have the ability to learn it quickly because by the time they’re fully trained, it’ll be time for them to go. When hiring seasonal workers, the interview process should be as specific and to the point as possible; they should meet all the qualifications and have the experience needed to immediately perform the job. Here are three interview tips you should implement when recruiting your summer hire(s).

Be honest about the seasonal work. During the interview process, be frank about how long the job will last. Even though the job will last only for a few months, it’s important to ask the interviewee about career goals. If there’s an opening in the office, you need to know if it’s something they’d be interested in.

Sell your seasonal job. You should be communicating what makes your company the company at which to work. Do you give employees a discount? Provide snacks? Bonuses? What makes your company stand out from the rest?

Tailor your seasonal interview questions. Before you bring in the first applicant, consider the day-to-day tasks, stress points, and the absolute must-have skills and knowledge that every new hire needs to be successful in this job. Create a list around these points for the best answers.

Hiring the right summer worker is important because it’ll make the lives of everyone inside the office so much easier. The right business insurance is even more important as it protects your business from all risks. Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. We can help you protect your business and its staff – seasonal or otherwise – in Pleasant Hill and the surrounding California area.